Monday, January 02, 2006

Blogs for the tyrant

Surfing blogs as I often do, and more specifically those dealing with Cuba, I stumble onto certain blogs that just make my blood go from warm to a rapid boil in 0 to 30 seconds. The latest of these is "Proposiciones," a blog from a Cuban doctor stationed in Pakistan. This doctor named Belkys Pérez Cruz, does not reference a single medical victory, or number of sick cured, or treatment given, etc., her postings are all about "a small island loaded with dreams and hopes" and for their love and respect for fidel. Fidel has no need to send armies or communist revolutionaries (a la Che) to conquer the Third World...just send a doctor and a teacher. Just ask the Venezuelans.

All my comments have been deleted from the site, so I encourage anyone that reads this to visit the site and give your opinion; however, I must warn you that it will not stay long, unless you are in agreement with Dr. Pérez distorted views.

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